Nature’s Science Vegan Omega-3 Review

I absolutely love this vegetarian Omega product! There is no aftertaste and my skin looks fabulous. It also seems to help with my dry eyes issues.

It contains Omega’s 3,6 and 9 for a healthy balance. It is plant based from marine algae so no fishy flavor. It has no Mercury risk. It has 5 times more DHA per day than krill oil.

Omegas have so many great benefits. They can be good for depression and ADHD. It can help with inflammation so it can help with arthritis and asthma.

The company also offers a 100% money back guarentee if you return it within 39 days.

I highly recommend this product.

You can get it here

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Slimquick Pure Drink Mix Review

I have recently been using Slimquick Pure Drink Mix in mixed berry flavor. Studies have shown that women can lose weight three times faster using this product. It is uniquely designed for women to lose weight in six different ways.

  1. Increases metabolism
  2. Reduces appetite
  3. Boosts energy
  4. Reduces excess water
  5. Supports hormones
  6. Reduces stress

Slimquick has found an isolated fat-burning component in green tea called Biopure green tea. It also contains natural ingredients like antioxidants, calcium and vitamin D. And zero calories!

I’ll be honest, I was not sold on this product and thought it was another gimmick weight loss product. After using this product two times I lost 2 pounds! And I only have another 5 pounds to lose to be at my goal weight. Usually those are the hardest pounds to drop. It tastes great too! I just add a packet to a bottle of water. No measuring!

Slimquick offers a 100% money-back guarantee. So there’s nothing to lose. They even have a 25 pound challenge for customers using Slimquick. You can work with and get support from others who are also on a weight loss journey. They offer weekly motivation tips, healthy recipes and exercise advise!

Try Slimquick for yourself using the following link to recieve $5 off!

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OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

I recently received an amazing anti-aging serum.

OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum is made with a high quality hyaluronic serum and is developed in the USA in an FDA facility. Hyaluronic is fabulous for your skin.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

 Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that draws water to the body and is naturally found in the body. It’s what keeps our eyes moist. If you have dry eyes you may want to take a Hyaluronic Acid supplement. Its also found in the skin and keeps our skin moist and youthful. However, we can begin to lose it at the age of 18. HA allows the skin to hold moisture, it helps your skin with tissue repair and helps your skin hold onto elastin and collagen. The lack of HA in your skin can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Some profess HA to be “a fountain of youth”.

The Hyaluronic Acid found in this serum is a quality product!

OZ Naturals HA serum is cruelty free and does not contain parabens, alcohol or sulfates. It responds well to all skin types. You can use this product by itself after cleansing or use a moisturizer on top of it. Its packed with great skin ingredients like Organic Aloe, Organic Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Geranium Essential Oil and Vitamin C. These ingredients, along with Hyaluronic Acid, are fabulous for hydrating your skin. Use it before you start to see the effects of aging to put buy more time with youthful skin. Or after you start to see aging skin to help reverse the clock.

I’ve been using this product and my skin has responded very well to this product. I have not had any breakouts and my skin looks dewy and plump.

I highly recommend this product!

Check this product out on Amazon Here

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RegenFX Product Review

I cannot say enough about this product line!

If you have done any research on natural anti-aging ingredients you will appreciate how amazing this product is. Great for every skin type and highly recommended for people who are starting to be concerned about their skin beginning to age. Ideally, it’s best to be proactive before you see signs of aging so for some people it’s ideal to begin using good anti-aging products in their 20’s. But if you are in your 30’s or older this product is a must!

I am in my late 30’s and I have fair skin with some sun damage, puffiness around the eyes and dehydration which will sometimes show up as small wrinkles.  These products address it all. Another side note… My eyes are super sensitive to products. Some moisturizers cause my eyes to water all day. I had NO issues while using this product! My skin soaked these products up and there was no greasy feeling on my skin. I was able to put my makeup on immediately following the application of my eye gel, serum and moisturizer.

The ingredients used in this product trio are based on clinicals, purity level and origin. They use bio actives, bioengineered complexes, organic compounds and minerals sourced from around the world. With ingredients  like…
Long term peptides and vitamin c to help fine lines

Blue and green copper for elasticity

Potassium and Viramin B for oxygenation

Zinc, grapefruit seed acid and pomegranate for inflammation

Hyaluronic acid and carrot seed for deep hydration

Their oil soluble vitamin C is proven to reduce 80% of melanin. And boost collagen by 50%. I can already see my dark spots lightening after using this product for two weeks!

As of right now you can only get these products online here or here. Definitely check it out! I will definitely be purchasing this product when I run out!

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Are You Getting Quality Sleep?

I’ve always had trouble calming my mind so I can fall asleep. I think most women do. Never mind being a parent of 3 teenage boys!

I’ve tried all sorts of natural remedies. Some work well but you need to be careful your body doesn’t become dependent on sleep remedies to fall asleep.

Did you know that, in Chinese Medicine, they believe that when your spleen is out of balance it can affect your sleep?

That’s right, your spleen can affect the quality of your sleep!

When your spleen is not functioning correctly it can affect your metabolism, digestion and circulation. All of which can affect the quality of your sleep. When your spleen is out of whack, you can experience worry and anxiety. So fix your spleen and you will, in turn, help correct the functions of your body and naturally calm your mind so you can fall asleep naturally.

When I read about this product, Restful Sleep by Botanist, I was excited to try it out! This product uses Chinese herbs that help to restore the vitality of the spleen and heart organs. It also contains magnesium, calcium and potassium. These nutrients promote relaxation and helps the herbs absorb into the body.

I took 2 capsules each night before bed. This product isn’t meant to knock you out. But it does help you to relax and calm your mind. It works your spleen while you are sleeping. It definitely worked for me! It took about a week before I got the maximum benefits. After a week I was getting a full nights sleep and had tons of energy during the day. The quality of my sleep was so much better. I highly recommend this product! It comes in easy to swallow capsules, that are non-addictive. The herbs come from China but are processed and purified in the U.S. This product is developed safely by Dr. Tan Ping Xu, a certified practitioner of Oriental medicine and a board certified herbalist.

If you’d like to give this product a try you can use the promo code SAVEREST to save 20% on your first purchase now through 12/31/2015. Purchase it Here.

Let me know how it works for you!

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My Summer Must Haves

Its June and it’s getting hot in Boston!

This is my favorite time of year since  my favorite place to be is on the beach! I have some new “summer must haves” that I thought I’d share with you to help you get through the hot summer months. 

My first two products I love are by Becca.

  • Becca Bronzing Skin Perfector

I initially got this product to give my skin a tan complexion but found that it if I wore foundation over top of it my make up wouldn’t stay put and I’d look like a hot mess after a couple hours. That said, if you’re going to the beach and you just want to add a little bronze to your face. A little bit of this on your face looks great and stays in place! But my favorite thing to do with this product is add it to my favorite moisturizer and rub it in my legs and arms to give my skin a beautiful glow! I’ve also noticed that it camouflages any imperfections like varicose veins.

  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone.

  I use this under my makeup to give me an all over shimmer. I use this as a highlighter. I will also mix this in with the Bronzing Skin Perfector and moisturizer to add a shimmer to my body! This is an all over favorite summer product! There are so many uses!

My next summer must have is something I’ve read about but just got around to purchasing.

  • Rose Water– I purchased this one at Whole Foods

Rose water is so refreshing and the smell is heavenly! I use it as a toner and to help remove any makeup my cleanser didn’t remove. I use it over my foundation to lighten it up a little or blend it in. When my makeup is finished I use it as a setting spray so my makeup stays put all day. It’s wonderful on irritated or sunburned skin. This will definitely be a summer essential for me.

  • MAC Pigment In Naked.

 This is the perfect color for a “no makeup” makeup look. It blends seemlessly into my skin tone. It has a subtle shimmer, just enough to brighten your eyes without looking like you’re wearing anything. I also wear it as a base eyeshadow color when I want to look more “made up”. I’ve been using this pigment for years and I never get tired of it!

  • Rosehip Oil:

This oil is wonderful and the benefits are amazing! Rosehip is a dry oil so it can be used under makeup and it soaks right into the skin and doesn’t leave a slick finish on your skin. I use mine at night and wake up with refreshed moisturizer skin. This is a favorite for me!

  • Coconut Oil:

 Still one of my all time favorites. I use it to wash my face. I mix it with my Carrot seed essential oil and use it as a light everyday sunscreen. I mix it with Lavender Essential oil to calm irritated or sunburned skin. Check out my blog Here for more amazing tips on coconut oil.

If it’s lip colors you’re interested in check out my blog post on my favorite summertime lips Here.

What are your favorite summer time products? I’d love to hear about them in your comments below.

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Prom Updos

I’ve done a lot of prom updos the last several weeks! My salon is located in Burlington, MA. I thought I’d do a quick blog to show you some of my work.

Getting married or have a special occasion in the Boston area? Feel free to contact  me for hair and makeup.

Here’s a sampling of my updos from some recent proms and weddings.

But first, here’s some pictures from my “big day”.





Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub Review

I recently received Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub in the scent Ocean Breeze. I can’t wait to try their other scents in Lavender and Cucumber Melon. Upon doing research about this product I learned that this is genuinely sourced Dead Sea salt. Many salt scrubs use plain old table salt with little benefits besides a basic scrub. This product, however, has incredible healing properties!

Pure Dead Sea salt contains over 21 different minerals including…

Magnesium: Beneficial for fluid retention, slows skin aging and calms the nervous system. Great for muscle and joint pain.

Calcium: Increases circulation and strengthens bones and nails.

Potassium: Gives you energy and is an excellent mineral for post workout.

Zinc: Stimulates collagen.

Most of us are lacking essential minerals for good skin and body health. This product is a great way to feed your skin and getting rid of dead skin. The oils used in this line are wonderful for moisturizing your skin. The product contains several different oils for maximum benefits. Different oils contain different vitamins. You have a wonderful array in this product. All non-clogging and moisturizing. Even oily skin benefits from using oil on the skin. I highly recommend this high quality product. My skin feels wonderful after using this scrub!

You can purchase these products here or here. Definitely check them out!

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Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C Review

As soon as I saw the ingredients in this product I had to try it. Over the last year or so I’ve begun incorporating oils into my skin regimen. What a difference this has made in my skin! I’m 38 and not getting any younger. I’ve done a lot of research on skincare for anti aging and was very intrigued by this product. First off, it’s 100% NATURAL! That’s a big one for me! Our skin is an organ and penetrates everything we put on it. Being a hairdresser,  I’m around enough toxins, I don’t want to add any more to my body.

I just recently received this product and I will say, so far so great! It is a light oil that penetrates quickly into my skin. It leaves a nice glow but not a slick, oily feeling. My makeup goes over it nicely. My foundation doesn’t slip off the way it sometimes can using an oil. It’s a perfect consistency.

In doing my own research I know that squalane is an excellent moisturizer. It is something we produce naturally but after the age of 30 we lessen the natural production of it, which contributes to dry skin and wrinkles. Using squalane in our skincare can also help balance the oils in our skin and it doesn’t clog your pores.

Retinol is another ingredient and is a form of vitamin A. It is wonderful for fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots. It also encourages collagen production.

Vitamin C helps the serum penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin. It also encourages collagen production in the skin.

I love that this product has natural, healthy ingredients. My skin is calm and my brown spots are fading. I definately encourage using it for men and women over 30!

Try it yourself  here with the coupon code, SAVERETC

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My Experience With Young Living Lavender Essential Oil 

I recently purchased the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter kit. I absolutely love these products! It comes with an oil diffuser, which I have used on a daily basis. The list of things you can use these oils for is endless! 

    Today, I want to share my experience with YL Lavender Oil. I have suffered with watery eyes for 20 years. It’s a big deal when you are a makeup artist and your eye makeup is constantly ruined due to watery eyes. Along with watery eyes came inflamed, puffy eyelids. (Not pretty!) I did some online research on watery eyes and came across some articles about mites at the base of your eyelashes! Gross! Some people are especially allergic to their droppings! Also gross! 

Apparently, Lavender kills these mites. Lavender also has anti-inflammatory properties. I have tried everything to help with my watery, inflamed eyes! I was skeptical that this would work since nothing else has. Let me just mention that I only recommend Young Living products as they are pure, therapeutic grade and YL doesn’t add anything to their oils. You can apply YL Lavender directly to the skin. 

First off, I added a couple drops directly to my mascara. In addition, I applied it to my brow bone and also applied directly to the tips of my eyelashes with my fingers. (Being careful not to get it in my eyes) 

For me, it took about four days. And the watery eyes STOPPED! I was amazed!! My irritated eyes were constant before. My eyes look younger because the inflamation went down and my eye makeup looks better and lasts all night! 

I was so excited, I shared my new tip with a girl I work with who also suffers with watery eyes. Her eyes were better just from adding a couple drops to her mascara. She too was amazed and decided to buy her own bottle of YL Lavender. 

If you are interested in purchasing a starter kit with Young Living you can sign up Here with no commitment to make another purchase! When you purchase the starter kit, click purchase as a wholesale member to receive future discounts with no obligation to ever buy again. It will then ask you to add a Sponsor ID and Enroller ID. You can then add 2497347 to both. 

More benefits of Young Living Essential Oils to come. Let me know what your experiences have been!